Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gmail - introduction - delainedue@gmail.com

Gmail - introduction - delainedue@gmail.com

It's been awhile since I've written. I'm working on communication and organization discipline. Again, I've been in a place with TV and am shocked at the amount of propaganda regarding nutrition in our lives. Like many things, big corporate money and politics have damaged our food supply. It doesn't matter if McDonalds publishes the nutritional and caloric content of their foods--they are still horrible for people, they still support industrialized farming and they still cause skewed tastes toward obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other symptoms of malnutrition. According to Fast Food Nation, we last spent $110 billion in our nation on fast food. This is more than we spend on higher education. Want fast food that's healthy and less expensive? Try fruits and vegetables raw--nothing faster than grabbing a crisp, juicy organic apple and heading out the door...crunch, crunch, slurp, crunch. My fast food complete meal-on-the-go is Cinch Shakes. My favorite flavor is Cafe Latte.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on Anti-Sales

I just completed a wonderful class with new business builders in our Shaklee community. What a fantastic reminder of those pesky, intrusive commercials from the TV last weekend. Shaklee is a very simple business founded on the simple philosophy of living in harmony with nature and putting humanity first. But, that's not easy.
It's not easy to be an ambassador of relationship and meaning in the face of a wounded culture. I offer to share something wonderful and soulful and transference begins! I understand. You have been bombarded and intruded upon your whole life by hollow promises and false information working away to convince you to buy something you really didn't want in the first place, and most likely never needed. So, I understand your hesitancy, assumptions, and misunderstandings about what I am doing.
My job with my Shaklee business is to support you in your journey of health and wellness to the best of my ability. I will invite you to consider options you may not have thought of before, but it's up to you to make the choice that is right for you at any given moment. My favorite experience with clients in this business is being honored with the request to support them in something so personal as their health.
A client recently emailed me asking for products that are vegan. I sent the information and offered my support for addressing any specific issue related to their search. The next email was so touching as I read about a melanoma diagnosis and their efforts to do everything in their power to successfully treat the disease and care for the partner with the illness. And yes, they would love to receive some information that I could find for them on using natural nutritional supplementation in combination with conventional treatments.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Ah, puppy love. Lavender the giant labradoodle is now old enough to contain herself after I've been away for a couple of days. What a wonderful connection to sit on the couch, warm and snuggled together. She is like a sleeping child.

I wonder about this trust. I wonder where my trust lies so steadfast. I wonder how this trust works with others toward me. Trust seems like an ingredient in the mortar that keeps relationships and human survival in tact. Relationships become sustainable with an open heart and trust in Self in the presence of other.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Assaulted by Commercials

Wow! I don't have television in our house and rarely listen to mainstream radio. This shelters me from the world of commercials fairly well. I am on a weekend getaway to the ocean and trying to watch one of my favorite detective shows. I am insulted, assaulted and in shock about the commercials! Not only are they intrusive for me to be able to watch the show, but they are lying to so many people as they coerce and convince the masses to buy something they don't need. Wonder Bread and Nutella both being pushed in my face with sappy, heart-string pulling stories about how I can be a better mom by making sure Jack gets white bread and chocolate for breakfast.

Remember to eat around the edges--shop in your own garden, the farmer's market, or the outer walls of the grocery store--where fresh, simple things are kept.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sustainable Community

I met with a long time friend of mine today. We are co-creating a new leads capture group for entrepreneurs like ourselves. What joy I get from creating community and participating in ways to sustain each other. I love that the first brainstorming word on the list for a Mission Statement for our group is "authenticity." As I mull this over, I realize that it is authenticity that is synonymous with sustainability.

Think of the things you know to be sustainable and see if they do not also come with authenticity. Help me make a list. I'll start: seeds, dirt, trees, love, honesty, integrity, curiosity...
And, what makes it authentic? And how do you know when you are acting from authenticity versus... And what's the opposite of authenticity?