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1948: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. ~World Health Organization

Allergies Part I
Did you know that repeated immflamation from seasonal allergies could be a causal factor in other preventable diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue?
Martha Wilmore is a nutritional consultant from Canada who began her career in nutrition when she recovered from Lupus using Shaklee nutrition and other holistic approaches. In an interview with Barb Lagoni, she discussed symptoms, effects and treatments for allergies. If you would like a copy of the interview on CD, contact me and I'll send you one. 800-466-7005 extension 1 or
Environmental inhalants are the culprits for seasonal allergies. When a person is reactive to these stimulants, thinking and writing are affected, not to mention breathing and comfort when your head feels like it’s wrapped in a big wet towel!
Seriousness—not just a seasonal inconvenience
A reaction to allergens is the immune system overworking. Every time the body overreacts, it takes more energy from the immune system and the system gets weaker and weaker. This long term risk leads to higher risk of diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
Traditional treatments
Antihistamines—The cautions and side effects stated clearly with the use of antihistamines are to avoid prolonged use because it can cause bone marrow and nerve cell damage. This is a major concern because bone marrow manufactures all red and white blood cells in our bodies. Not only do you want to avoid this long-term damage, but also side effects such as irregular heart beat, flushing, headaches, shortness of breath, headaches and more.
Medications often treat the symptoms, like a bandaid. But, if you want to support your body in healing, you must take a different approach.
A Weakened Immune System
Martha identifies 6 main factors in the causes of a weakend immune system.
  1. Nutrituional Deficiency—inadequate diets and devitalized soils means people are experiencing lots of deficiency in their nutrient levels.
  2. Environmental Toxins—exposure to chemicals in and out of the home cause asthma, breathing difficulties, nerve tissue damage and many more ugly, ugly irritations.
  3. Lack of Good Bacteria in the lower intestinal tract.
  4. Incomplete Digestive System—lots of burping, bloating, and belching!
  5. Leaky Gut Syndrome, a result of lack of good bacteria. Food particles are allowed to move out of the gut into the blood stream that are not totally digested and this causes a reaction.
  6. Overgrowth of Candida: the bad bacteria in your gut. Good bacteria keeps this in check. If not kept under control, it will proliferate, multiply and create toxins released into the blood stream, circulate through entire body and weaken the immune system.
Take Steps Toward Healing
Reduce the Causes
Get rid of Toxins in the home. Replace conventional cleaners with natural safe products. Try Get Clean. Works well or better and is much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional or other “green” brands. Get Clean Starter Kit.
Personal care products: look for toxin free products. Skin absorbs the toxins in products that are next to it. “When we crawl between the sheets at night, we absorb the chemical residue in the fabric left from detergents,” says Martha.
Shaklee provides a line of personal care products that work well and are not tested on animals. Skin Care for all adults: your skin is your first line of defense in your immune system and well worth taking care of.
Shaklee also provides very important products for babies and children who are most susceptible to environmental toxins.
Indoor air is more toxic than outdoors
90% of our time is spent indoors. The EPA reports that air pollution is up to five times higher inside than outside. Again, switch your cleaners to Get Clean. Open the doors and windows as soon as the weather is warm enough.
Nutrients to strengthen immune system
  • Optiflora: Probiotics are a guaranteed supply of good bacteria. Good bacteria immediately helps strengthen the immune system. Even if you aren’t on antibiotics that kill all the bacteria in your gut, you must replenish the good bacteria on a regular basis.
  • Alfalfa: Acts as a natural antihistamine. Alfalfa roots reach deep into the soil to gather minerals that work as an anti-inflammatory and help clear mucus.
  • Nutriferon: One of my absolute favorite products. I truly believe there would be less war and more peace if everyone had Nutriferon in their life. This combination of 4 plant extracts protects each individual cell. Each cell produces interferon from the core to protect the cell and the blood. Many people don’t make enough interferon. This herbal product is clinically proven to increase the amount of interferon that each cell produces. Nutriferon is patented and is only available through Shaklee.
Ways to include Nutriferon in your health support and save extra money: If you are a Shaklee member with your own account, you already save 15%-27% when you order Nutriferon and all other Shaklee products. If you are not yet a Shaklee member, you can shop and join on my website or call me at 800-466-7005 ext 1.
  • Garlic: a natural antibiotic
  • Zinc: works as an anti-infection agent
  • Defend and Resist: The best echinacea product on the market helps stimulate the immune system. This combination of Echinacea, Zinc and Black Elderberry acts as a natural antibiotic. Keep it in your desk drawer, the medicine chest and your travel kit. It can be chewed, swallowed, used as a lozenge. Crush and mix in yogurt or applesauce for young children. Echinacea is for short term use only and loses its effectiveness if used daily for more than a couple of weeks.
  • Omega Oils: this natural anti-inflammatory also supports heart and brain health.

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