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Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature's inexorable imperative. --H. G. Wells
50th Anniversary Basic-H and 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
Go ahead, do the math. That’s right, Basic-H, a green, organic, biodegradable, concentrated cleaner with 1001 uses is 10 years older than designated Earth Day. That’s because our founder, Dr. Shaklee was an incredible visionary, inventor, environmentalist and holistic preventative health practitioner even before Lucy did a commercial for Vitameatavegamin.
Here’s a video link to enjoy getting to know Dr. Shaklee a little more. Hear his voice and some of his philosophy on the environement and humanity.
If you are local here in Oregon, please volunteer for an hour of art with children at our booth’s activity and enjoy all the amazing sites, sounds and tastes at the Rogue Valley Earth Day Celebration.
Not local? Look for a celebration near you. Don’t find one? Make one happen. Make some “dirt” cupcakes with carrot tops, watch a film on the environement and have a discussion with friends and family.
  • A Civil Action (drama about environmental pollution in the 80s)
  • An Inconvenient Truth (documentary on Global Warming)
  • Happy Feet (animated feature about the effects of human action on wildlife)
  • The 11th Hour (documentary on the state of the natural world)
  • Wall-E (animated film fantasizes about the extreme effects of human pollution on Earth)
  • Who Killed the Electric Car? (documentary on the creation and desctruction of the General Motors EV1)
Share the Shaklee Get Clean DVD with a group of friends and have a clean-for-all to make your own houses and neighborhoods and schools and churches a little greener, safer, fresher, and economic. Contact me for help with your Real Dirt on Clean, Green Goes with Everythng Party. Email me or call 800-466-7005 ext 1.
Special Offers in Celebration
Commemorative 50th Anniversary Basic H2® and 3-Pack Spray Bottles
Buy one Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate (16 oz.) and get a three-pack of limited-edition spray bottles featuring the 50th Anniversary logo for 50% off.
#85140 - SRP: $16.20 MN: $13.80 PV: 5.17
Talk to 50 People About the 50th Anniversary of Basic-H for Just 50 Cents per Sample
Share Basic H2 with 50 new people this Earth Day and beyond! In honor of Basic-H's big milestone, we've reduced the cost of Basic H2 Samples (50-pack) to 50 cents per 2mL sample. That's more than $5 off regular price! This is a great companion to your 100 presentations efforts.
#60062 - SRP/MN: $25.00
Buy, Save, Shop, and Share Green
Buy two orders of our Get Clean Green Shopper Bags (each order includes six Shopper Bags) and get one six-pack of bags at no additional cost. This is a great way to stock up on bags to hand out at your meetings.
#85141 - SRP/MN: $19.00

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