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Free Shipping Offers
Combine the convenience of Autoship with savings on shipping costs.

With an Autoship of 50-99PV, you recieve a 50% shipping share, no matter when your order is scheduled.
With an Autoship of 100PV or more, you receive 100% free shipping, no matter when your order is scheduled.
This is great for autoship customers. If you have an autoship for Vitalizer, Vivix, Rx for Health, or Nutriferon you will receive an extra 10% off the cost of the product from Shaklee and 50-100% free shipping from me!
Free Shipping Day Friday April 16th for all new and existing members. Place your order by computer or phone at 800-SHA-KLEE. This offer does not apply to retail guest orders.
Reminder: Free Shipping Days may no longer be offered every month on the 16th. If you want free shipping on your regular orders, let's set up an autoship for you.

Reminder: Free Shipping is a benefit of membership in my personal Shaklee group and is paid for by me. This is not determined by Shaklee Corporation. If you have questions about my free shipping offers, please contact me (800)466-7005 extension 1 or your distributor in my group.
Office Hours
Monday 9am-Noon and 1-5pm PST
Tuesday through Thursday afternoons
Saturdays by appointment

Baker’s Dozen Loyalty Rewards for March
(Members and Distributors with 100QPV, but who do not have enough QGV to earn a bonus in that month)
Sherrelyn Bell
Ann and Ben Cushing
Jody Datz
Due-Hays Assoc.
Ann Fox
Todd Fox
Linda Hammelman
Mary Harsin
Dianne Neureither
Matthew Reynolds
Rebecca Sink-Burris
Jeffrey Viers
Alan Pickering-Walters
Susanne Wood
Cash Back Bonus Earners--Congratulations!

12% Cash Back

Ben Isaac, Oregon
8% Cash Back
Paul Miller, Indiana
Judith Klug, Indiana
Brenda Hayes, Indiana
Pam and Jere Isaac, Oregon
Holly Hertel, Oregon
Bonnie Folick, Oregon

4% Cash Back

Pam Franke, Texas
John Vash, Texas
Betty Daily, Indiana

Jody Datz, Oregon
Debbie Druien, Indiana
Gail Hays, Indiana
Lori Stark, California
Brian Myers, Oregon

Lotus Rising Project
Welcome New Members!
Terry Brown, sponsored by Lotus Rising Project
Jill Price, sponsored by Delaine Due

Jane Maynard, sponsored by Bonnie Folick

Stacy Panagakis, sponsored by Jody Datz

Goldye Wolf, sponsored by Bonnie Folick

Galen Babb, sponsored by Lori Stark

Jutta Reichardt, sponsored by Sheila Kendall

Kristina O’Conner, sponsored by Sheila Kendall

Errolyn Trapanese, sponsored by Jody Datz

Ann Southcombe, sponsored by Holly Hertel