Sunday, May 2, 2010

Assaulted by Commercials

Wow! I don't have television in our house and rarely listen to mainstream radio. This shelters me from the world of commercials fairly well. I am on a weekend getaway to the ocean and trying to watch one of my favorite detective shows. I am insulted, assaulted and in shock about the commercials! Not only are they intrusive for me to be able to watch the show, but they are lying to so many people as they coerce and convince the masses to buy something they don't need. Wonder Bread and Nutella both being pushed in my face with sappy, heart-string pulling stories about how I can be a better mom by making sure Jack gets white bread and chocolate for breakfast.

Remember to eat around the edges--shop in your own garden, the farmer's market, or the outer walls of the grocery store--where fresh, simple things are kept.

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